Why the Marketplace Is Replacing the Break Room for Growing Companies

Happy employees sharing healthy break room snacks

If the idea of a company break room conjures up images of sad cafeteria tables, coffee stains, and a requisite jar of pretzels, it’s time to rethink how your business does lunchtime. Community break rooms, much like khaki dress shorts and Internet Explorer, are a remnant of the past. More and more of today’s businesses are opting for a sleek marketplace design over traditional DIY break rooms.

Learn more about the benefits of a managed office cafe, and start building a water cooler your staff will actually want to gather around.

It’s Budget-Friendly for Small Businesses

Many companies make the mistake of assuming a DIY break room is automatically the most fiscally responsible option. In reality, a managed coffee station, pantry, or micro market might just make a big difference to your bottom line!

A managed marketplace takes the guesswork out of inventory tracking and allows your office manager to devote his or her time to more pressing matters. Most offices utilize software or spreadsheets to track break room supplies down to the last coffee pod. But even the most predictive averages don’t always account for an accurate budget or provide a good reference for when it’s time to restock. In addition, this process requires a lot of extra time to build out.

Switch to an automated service that crunches the numbers for you based on your company’s needs. This will free up hours spent deliberating over how much coffee to purchase, as well as staff time wasted making another wholesale food run.

Furthermore, corporate efficiency is best maintained by utilizing single-supplier marketplace services. This allows you to secure all of your break room needs from a one-stop-shop that caters to business clients. Fewer vendors to work with means less time negotiating delivery schedules, managing invoices, or placing multiple orders. You’ll also save money on shipping and delivery costs! This is a great solution for small businesses when it comes to maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Get Healthy Options and Consistent Selections

No more writing your name on a carton of creamer! Marketplaces provide a reliable menu of staples for the office environment. This cuts down on the time and energy spent reimbursing employees for making supply runs each month. There’s no need to keep a tally of who purchased what item when a consistent stock of necessities is always available. Transparent budgeting is made simple by the cafe design. The streamlined approach allows office managers to consolidate the chaos of the employee common area into one neat and tidy delivery service. 

A pantry also provides healthier options for employees to snack on throughout the day. This can curb burnout and cut down on the number of coffee breaks and lunch runs throughout the day. Plus, the staff will love the convenience of a mini-mart. Imagine an airport-style cafe that fits snugly into any sized office space.

Create a Community, Not a Cafeteria

Traditional break rooms are often a “grab a sandwich and eat at my desk” kind of environment. The hectic β€” and often stressful β€” demands of a busy corporate schedule have a tendency to overflow into lunchtime. This leads to frequent breaks throughout the day rather than a one-hour sit-down lunch. These “working lunches” are not necessarily more efficient. In fact, many employers lose money due to the sum total of all those breaks and the general burnout a lack of appropriate downtime can cause.

Combat this cold coffee and soggy sandwich lifestyle by creating a cafe-like atmosphere where your employees feel comfortable relaxing and connecting with colleagues. Not only does this give everyone a much-needed break, but the marketplace design builds a sense of community that benefits long-lasting employee relationships. This leads to greater retention rates and tastier lunches! Looking for more ways to revitalize your business? Check out our article about late afternoon fatigue and what you can do about it!