The Big Problem Biting You in the Butt

Employee attraction and retention has become a major dilemma for many companies.

Today it is the employees’ marketplace, where openings go begging and available talent is in short supply.  This means your best employees can jump ship for attractive offers, and new employees can be choosey.  But money isn’t necessarily what drives employee movement.

This dilemma also sets up a tension in many companies between those responsible for hiring and those responsible for company expenditures…

…but the solution may be an easy one.

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The percentage of HR directors who are having a hard time attracting key personnel for open positions.

Attracting and retaining talent is tough in today’s marketplace,

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The percentage of companies that now believe it’s easier to train from within than hire from the outside.  (But that means they need to keep those they have.)

But did you know...

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80 out of 100 potential employees look at your perceived culture while looking at you as a new employer.

Your company’s perceived culture could be the deciding factor.

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64% of new employee millennials who’d take $40k over $100k just to be happy and inspired at work.

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Skills shortages and workload management have now become a top concern for CFOs as well.

But balancing budget vs personnel needs is a real problem.

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39% of CFOs who now worry their staff will not cope with the extra workload.

HR Concerns

Employee Attraction & Retention

Developing a Favorable Company Culture

Employee Appreciation & Improved Morale


CFO Concerns

Overtime, Sign-on Bonuses, etc. is Expensive

More Productivity with Fewer Employees

Maintaining  Company Top & Bottom Lines

Companies that display an appreciative, happy and energetic culture…

Outperform the competition by 20%.
Are 2.1% above industry benchmarks.
Have employees who are 12% more productive.
Reduce turnover by over 71%.

A Focus on the Break Room Provides…

Fatigue Reduction
Improved Communication
Increased Job Satisfaction
Social & Emotional Support
Lower Turnover Rate
Feeling Valued
Improved Morale

…all Signals That a Company Cares About People.

One Call to Perks: Culture Enhanced, Budget Tension Resolved

Healthy Choices
Snack Bars
Fruit, Drinks
Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso
Wraps, Sandwiches, Sides or Entrees
Water & Ice

Employee Friendly

The latest in energy-saving equipment; easy to use; multiple employee payment options including cash, credit cards or     pre-loaded employee badges at vending machines or kiosks.

Flexible Budget

- Employee Pay
- Company Pay
- Any Combo That Fits the Budget

And usually no charge for equipment.

Done For You

Perks personnel track and stock your supplies (even with internet-connected vending management systems) and maintain equipment.

Your Way

Mix and choose your selections and equipment, anything from the simple to a full micro-market, even if Perks is not your only vendor.

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