Boost Employee Retention and Attract New Talent with Break Room Perks

Businesswomen sharing office coffee break

Gone are the days of the 9 to 5 grind. With it went broken down vending machines and lone coffee pots to stave off the Monday blues. The modern workplace is a dynamic, team-driven atmosphere that has come to rely more and more on nontraditional hours and cultivating an environment that employees want to be a part of.

In fact, a recent study of successful business structures found that having great company culture is no longer simply a perk — it’s a must-have element for attracting amazing talent. Today’s workers factor in a positive corporate culture as much as they consider salary and benefits.

Learn how break room perks may be the way to your employees’ hearts and stomachs when it comes to boosting retention and onboarding key members.

People Focused, Success Driven

The top candidates who will fill critical positions on your team aren’t merely looking for a job. They’re looking for a career, a place to grow and thrive with a fabulous group of colleagues. The first impression a company makes on a potential new hire goes a long way. Don’t give your next interviewee a tour of the expired yogurt gallery in the fridge. Instead, inspire confidence in your business with a full-service break room.

When applicants consider a new job, it’s important for them to know that the managers care about their employees. A sleek break room, complete with coffee stations and pantries, is one of the easiest benefits an employer can offer that makes the biggest impact.

Forbes reports that candidates prioritize companies that treat people well. This factor often outweighs benefits and even salary considerations for professionals looking to establish a long-term career. Establishing a people-focused approach starts at the interview process and extends to the general attitude of the office. When employers offer benefits such as complimentary food and beverage services for their team, they’re sending the message that they care. This precedent sets a solid reputation for attracting the best available talent, whether you are a small business owner or have a large company.

Wellness Works

Today’s employees are prioritizing workplace wellness. The amount of time most professionals spend sitting at desks has made health and fitness more important than ever. In fact, it’s not simply a preference — it’s a requirement that many candidates look for when considering a new position.

Chances are that potential candidates will no longer be impressed by free doughnuts. Trend-savvy employers are better off providing their staff with healthy lunch and snack options. Marketplaces are quickly replacing the traditional break room model when it comes to creating a community that’s focused on well-being rather than simply a place to grab a quick bite.

Promote Happiness

Too many companies get bogged down on branding. Don’t sweat promoting how great your business is — show it with how much you care about your team. Workplace incentives give the impression of a collaborative environment. This conveys a sense of success and growth, which is exactly what potential new hires are seeking when they’re making the often daunting leap into a new position. It’s a known fact of the corporate world that happy people work better. Not only does providing free food and cafe-style lunch options improve employee retention rates, but a team that loves where they work will ultimately attract like-minded talent. Make the most of employee referrals, networking, and word-of-mouth advertisements for your company.

Remember, reputation is everything in the business world. Cultivate lasting employee relationships while you expand for your future success.

So add a little perk to your next round of interviews and leave the stale doughnuts behind. Learn more about expanding your break room with the lunchtime heroes at Perks and Provisions!