It's hard to work on an empty stomach...

...but it's near impossible when the office snack cabinet only has a bag of ambiguous trail mix and a couple of old granola bars inside. We're Perks and Provisions (also known as Perks), and we can help you break up with break room boredom for good at no cost to your employees.

When it comes to office food options, the standard has been set by trendy startups with investor-subsidized fueling stations. Startups' Instagram feeds featuring healthy office food options like avocado toast and fancy parfaits topped with tiny chocolate chips make it seem like the only way to keep employees fed and happy is to drop a large chunk of your budget on snacking supplies.

That's where we come in.

Allow us to introduce you to the idea of an office pantry.

Our answer to millennial hipster nonsense (just kidding, millennials and hipsters alike - we love you), having a pantry for employees allows for healthy, affordable break room food options to become a reality. Sounds like a great idea, right? We think so, and we'd love to help you find the perfect way to add an employee pantry to your office.

Perks and Provisions will help you set up an affordable, company-funded office pantry so you can provide healthy, delicious snacks and drinks to your employees at no cost to them. We make it easy and cost-effective to give your employees what they want and need to keep powering through the workday. Not looking for a company-pays-all solution? Take a look at our micro markets, which can be covered entirely or not at all by your company.

Perks will supply it all

From the greek yogurt to the dried fruit to the silverware and paper products, Perks will supply everything you need (or even just want) to create a healthy office snack station even the start-upiest startup would be jealous of. Gone are the days of scrounging in desk drawers for single-serve peanut butter or kicking the vending machine in hopes that stray string cheese falls (though if vending machines are more your style, we’ve got those too).

Let us help you make a difference in your employees' happiness and productivity (it’s science – everybody loves free snacks!). We'd love to chat with you about how to set you up for great snack success. The only thing you've got to lose is the ambiguous trail mix.


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