Coffee Brings Offices Together: How to Harness the Power of Collaboration (and Caffeine)

When it comes to increasing productivity and super powering your team, never underestimate the motivation that a morning cup of joe can bring to your office. Collaboration is a top priority for many of today’s businesses. At Perks, we recognize that each organization is unique in its core strengths and interdepartmental dynamics. This can make finding time to connect challenging without the right solution.

Fortunately, coffee is the one thing that ties us all together! Make the most of those midday breaks and learn more about how good coffee stations strengthen interdepartmental communications.

Creating Common Ground

Departmental mingling can be tricky for large companies, especially those with remote employees and flex schedules. There simply aren’t many opportunities to share ideas and get to know your coworkers. The lonely break room coffee pot promotes a take-it-to-go culture that doesn’t leave much room to connect.

Coffee stations, on the other hand, are like having a mini cafe conveniently nestled between departments. Creating common ground is the best way to encourage employees to mingle. No matter your schedule and no matter your role, everyone enjoys a warm cup of joe.

No More Forced Team Building

Let’s face it; no one enjoys the annual Frisbee golf tournaments. While team-building activities are a great way to bring staff together, they can often feel forced and tedious. Events require substantial planning and budgeting. Also, these occasions tend to occur a couple of times a year rather than on a daily basis. 

Gathering around the water cooler — or the barista bar — presents a natural, relaxed environment for staff to congregate. The best ideas are never planned! Casual discussions are the best way to build team dynamics organically while enjoying premium roast blends.

Individuals Make Corporations Stronger

Business owners often focus too heavily on the bottom line. When it comes to encouraging collaboration, don’t forget to prioritize the individual. According to Forbes, employees care about how each decision will impact them rather than simply focusing on the company-wide outcome. Interdepartmental communications are strengthened when each member of the team feels their role and insight is valuable.

There’s no better way to show your staff that you care than by taking your break room to the next level. Benefits such as craft-brewed coffee, tea, and all the trimmings get people in the mood to collaborate and dialogue. Happy employees work best, and coffee is a sure-fire way to put everyone in a fabulous mood.

Inclusion Matters

One of the key strategies for ensuring every member of your team functions at their best potential is to create staff cohesion. A unified front is more successful and better able to tackle challenging projects and engage new prospects. This is because each individual feels included. Each member of your staff needs to feel that their role is vital and significant. Unhealthy competition, lack of communication, and no time for breaks are all factors that can make even the best of teams feel unsupported.

Change the approach with a new take on the morning meeting. Gathering around the coffee station for 10 to 15 minutes prior to starting your workday provides staff with the necessary moment to unwind and de-stress from any pending worries, looming deadlines, and big projects. Then, you can bring your team back together to discuss how you’ll strive for excellence in the coming days. Taking this extra time to bring everyone together encourages inclusion, which leads to a diverse, positive office environment where everyone feels motivated to perform at their best potential.

Building your dream team takes time and dedication. Luckily, we have plenty of gourmet roasts to get you through the process. Check out all of our coffee station options for every need and every budget.