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It's 3 pm on a Thursday...

You've hit the wall and need a snack. You meander over to the break room, which is a small, bleak glorified closet with a microwave, a pot of stale coffee, and a vending machine. Your options consist of greasy chips, old baby carrots with a thimble of chunky ranch, or a sugar-crash-inducing candy bar. The worst part is when you finally settle on the chips and try to pay, the machine malfunctions, takes your money, and holds your snack hostage.

Too many Texas employees have suffered from abuse at the hands of the office vending machine, and we've had enough. Poorly stocked, misbehaving vending machines have had their era, and now their reign of terror is over. Perks and Provisions (or just Perks, as our friends call us) is here to save the day.

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Solve Your Vending Machine Woes

Whether your goal is to provide healthy office snack options, upgrade your machine, or create a break room environment that's a great source of both protein bars and employee connections, we've got you covered. From the machinery to the food itself, we're here to make it all easier, more cost-effective, and just overall better.

Gone are the days of barely-functional, such-a-hassle machines. Perks provides the latest in technology, including credit card acceptors that can accept chips as well as wireless options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. You don’t even have to manage your inventory: our vending machines monitor themselves and will take the reins on making sure your favorite snacks are always in stock. They can even tell you when they’re not feeling well and might need some TLC.

Vending Machines That Just ... Work.

The entire point of a vending machine is to make it simple and easy to provide office food options for your employees. Perks has a full line of modern snack machines and drink dispensers that take the pain, logistics, and uncertainty of food vending off your plate (pun intended).

Your Total Break Room Supply Solution

With easy payment options (ahem, chip readers, Apple Pay, Google Pay), reliable machinery that alerts you to problems before hungry employees stampede your door, and a full line of healthy, delicious food available all in one place, here at Perks, we pride ourselves on making your life easier. You won't ever have to scramble to fix a broken machine or restock everyone's favorite gluten free chocolate chip cookies (if that's your thing, of course. We have every option you could possibly want!

Do you have specific needs for your office's vending machine? Drop us a line and we'd love to help put together a solution that will fit your budget, save your sanity, and satisfy even the pickiest of employees.

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