Healthy Options

Change the food. Conquer the world.

Have you noticed...

Everyone's “get up and go” got up and went by early morning?
You're seeing too many crash test dummies by the middle of the afternoon?
There's enough mental drowsiness in the crowd for a zombie apocalypse movie?
  • It's been proven that healthy meals and snacks can keep everyone fully charged throughout the day. So change your stash and prevent the crash.

Granola and nuts on a table cloth

Power Snacks

Almonds, jerky, granola - mix it up!  Offer all kinds of snacks to your crew - we’ll keep track of your employees’ popular choices and make sure the energy store is always supplied.

pre-packaged meals in a vending machine

Mini Meals

We've got your employee desires by the plate full - and your break room back.  Eating healthy at work has never been so easy.  We offer 400 calorie (or less) meals in single servings, all without those additives you can't pronounce.  We’ll even supply the forks.

Healthy options for your Dallas office


Go from fruit snacks to whole fruit. Grown locally and plucked straight from the source. This is the real deal - produced naturally - and it deserves to be in your break room.

Fuel your mind with a little more than just caffeine. Then Instagram your #organic snack and brag to your friends about how well you’re eating.

Eating Healthy is Here To Stay

Is it time for your business to offer a healthy snack or meal?  Definitely.  Think of the people you'll make happy, the lives you'll change and the worlds your business will be able to conquer with the right productivity fuel.


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