A Coffee Station for Every Budget: Energizing Your Workplace by Upgrading the Break Room

Coffee Happiness

Perk up your workplace with coffee stations that are anything but basic! We know that caffeine is the true MVP of the office. From morning meetings to midday crunch time, there’s nothing like a piping hot espresso to boost morale and bring the team together.

Budget-savvy businesses will be pleased to discover that there’s no need to break the bank when it comes to keeping your staff happy and energized. Creating a self-serve barista bar to fit every price range and need is as easy as pairing lattes and milk. Take a look at some of the flexible budget options Perks and Provisions offers, and find the perfect match for your crew.

Option 1: Company-Pay

Who doesn’t love a free cup of coffee? Company-pay is usually the first option business owners think of when they envision upgrading the break room. Providing benefits to your team, such as first-class coffee stations, is an investment in your company’s future. The cost of incentives like well-stocked coffee bars is balanced by other tangible gains, such as improved morale, greater employee retention, more collaboration and team building, and the ability to attract new talent (happy employees love to talk about how awesome their office is!).

There’s a lot to be said for how a tiny cup of coffee impacts the big picture goals of your business. If a state-of-the-art, premium coffee station is in your company’s future, check out the array of options to suit large and small businesses. Perks offers everything from cafe-approved coffee makers that will make even the IT guys feel like baristas to full-service coffee fixing stations with all the trimmings for the perfect cup of joe.

Option 2: Employee-Pay

Okay, so you’re not exactly made of money. Bottom lines are tight, and every dollar matters when it comes to running a lean and mean operation. The good news is that there’s no need to compromise on coffee. Cutting corners is best left for printer paper and toner, not the most important “meal” of the day.

Employee-pay solutions are a great alternative to having the company foot the entirety of the bill. Chances are, your team will be just as happy for the convenience of an onsite coffee station. They might prefer grabbing their next mug from the break room rather than the cafe across the street. Workplace coffee bars and vending machines are affordable and easy for staff to use. It’s a great way to show your crew that you care without overdoing it when it comes to balancing the books.

Best of all, there’s usually no charge for equipment, so the initial setup is on us!

Option 3: Combination-Pay

Sometimes the best solution lies in the middle. Combination-pay options are the perfect median for fiscally smart businesses. Many companies choose to offer complimentary basics, such as a few standard roasts, creamer, milk, and sugar. Employees can then pay extra for premium blends and add-ons. People love choices as much as perks when it comes to creating a fabulous workplace culture!

To build your basic station, consider the size of your office and the needs of your team. Be sure to add a few tea options for the morning rebels, as well as an array of flavored water and sparkling mineral water choices to keep employee health and wellness in mind. From there, go wild with flavored syrups and third-wave coffee selections for the resident foodies. These extras can be added at each employee’s discretion — making the world’s best break room station a team win.

Learn more about tackling the boring break room problem with our easy, flexible budget options for large and small businesses.