Not many people think of a coffee pot or vending machine as a technologically advanced piece of equipment. The technology that we place in a break room is packed with super‑cool features which make it:

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Energy Friendly

  • Employee Friendly

Self serve cofeee dispensers


Single Cup
The best way to provide something for everyone, just the way they like it. Coffees, teas, hot chocolate - the most flexibility at the lowest cost.

Fresh Ground
Dump in the beans, push the button and you’ll get that fresh ground taste and aroma with every cup. For those that are in love with the whole coffee experience, our fresh ground machines will deliver satisfaction in spades!

Traditional Brewing
For the group that can drain a pot before the grounds have a chance to get wet, use our traditionally brewed java.  Easy and traditional, for those who have always done it that way and don’t see a reason to change.

three custom ice making dispensing machines

Ice Making

A category of equipment so essential in our hot Texas summers, it deserves a category of its own.



Cold drink, hot drink, ice cream, snack and healthy options machines - we have it all.  Plus, we care about your accountant’s nervous breakdown and the polar bears (even though there aren’t many in Texas).  That’s why Perks vending machines have motion sensors that shut the machine down and turn off the lights when no one is around (but will still occasionally start up to keep fresh things fresh and cold things cold). 

Two custom water dispensing machines

Pure Water

Whether a tap water traditionalist or on the “boxed water is better” bandwagon, Perks can satisfy your thirst.  Our offerings range from five gallon bottled water, point-of-use filtration systems, small package bottled water and even custom labeled bottled water (toot your own horn each time you take a sip with your company logo).

Paving the Way People Pay

Those old machines that just take coin and cash are a pain in the butt.  They jam, they reject your bills and they will always result in someone saying, “The damn machine ripped me off!”  That’s not how most people pay for things today, so why should your vending machines be stuck in the dark ages?

Tap your card, slide your card, use Android or Apple pay, or even use a preloaded employee badge - our payment methods sure save a lot of fiddling around, going through your pockets or a purse, at the vending machine.

Vending machine credit card swiper

Ok, ok… and for you Neanderthals who still like the feel of cold, hard cash - yup, that’s still an option.


Need an Upgrade?

Does the electric company send you presents, thanking you for your vast energy consumption?

Maybe we should talk about some new equipment…

The Perks Promise

Everything we place in your business is backed by the Perks guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with the equipment you receive from us, we will be more than happy to exchange it for equipment that exceeds your expectations.


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