Coffee is my favorite co-worker.

As any self-respecting businessperson knows, coffee is essential to the productivity and general well-being of the office. A quick search shows everything from travel mugs to notepads with some sort of "need coffee to operate" message on it. Our personal favorite is "Coffee is my favorite co-worker." Gets us every time.

There's nothing worse than getting to the office bleary-eyed and yawning, making a beeline for the break room, and finding the tub of coffee grounds empty. A few paths appear at this point: breaking down in exhausted sobs, angrily stalking the intern responsible for re-ordering break room supplies, bargaining with yourself that a steaming cup of sanity is worth the $5 delivery fee, or just giving up and going home for the day.

Allow us to enter a fifth option: Hi, we're Perks and Provisions. Our friends call us Perks.

We make it easy and enjoyable to keep your office caffeinated and in peak condition. Between our selection of premium products and our exceptional customer service, our partners agree we're second-to-none when it comes to making sure your office never goes without its break room essentials ever again.

We've been serving Texas with a sip and a smile since 2004, and we're not slowing down any time soon. We believe break rooms are more than a place to get a cup of coffee, they're places for employees to recharge themselves, connect with each other, and ultimately leave with a little boost they didn't have when they walked in. We'd love to make that a reality for you.

Premium Coffee

From traditional glass pots of freshly-brewed coffee to single-serve coffee pods to that fancy Wolfgang Puck Sorrento nonsense, all your favorites are available from us here at Perks. Already have a favorite brand? We've got you covered. Looking to try new types of coffee and tea? We can do that too.

One of the jewels in our crown, so to speak, is the array of third-wave coffees we offer. Not familiar with what that means? Allow us to explain! Third-wave coffee companies are essentially the microbreweries of the coffee world. Think small companies producing small batches of exclusive, ridiculously high quality, borderline-life-changing beans; perfect for all your office hipsters and trend-setters.

A larger photo of coffee beans roasting in a roaster, Self-Service Micro Markets
A woman using a cofeee dispenser to get fresh coffee, leading breakroom services management company

Office Coffee Machines

The only thing more important than the materials is the method. Having the right office coffee maker can be the difference between enjoying a delicious cup of steaming joe (or cold brew) and having to grab the paper towel to wipe up the vile sludge you just spit all over the floor (hey - we can help with the paper towel too, actually).

Coffee Fixing Stations

Plain coffee is sad coffee. We've got everything you need to jazz those babies up a bit. The good cups that won't burn your hand, coffee cup and lid dispensers to keep your coworkers' gross germs off the rim of every cup after the one they take, organizers to make sure you never get stuck on cleanup duty again, delicious creamers to take your java from dumb to yum ... we've got it all.


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