A Water Cooler Worth Talking About

Forget the CEO — the water cooler is the true MVP of the workplace. It's the one place in the office that brings coffee and tea drinkers together. It fuels midday staff meetings and keeps your team hydrated all throughout the Texas summer. As Dwight Schrute once stated, "Studies have shown that more information is passed through water cooler gossip than through official memos." We're not one to argue with the experts when it comes to outfitting your office.

Perks and Provisions has you covered with break room necessities that go beyond the basics.

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We're creating an office "town hall" and not simply a place to refill your water bottle. A focus on networking means providing sustainable solutions for small businesses and large firms alike. No matter the size of your break room, state-of-the-art refreshment options are available to satisfy every need and fit any budget.

Customize your office water cooler with:

  • Instagram-worthy sparkling water.
  • Bottled water for meetings on the go.
  • Hot and cold water dispensers that won't run out during the morning coffee dash.
  • Over 33 flavored water varieties.
  • Refreshing filtered and alkaline water for a wellness-focused workplace.
  • Vitamin-infused water to get you through flu season without a hitch.

Are you looking to increase visibility?

We've got your branding covered with custom water products featuring your company's logo.

Perks even offers designer water options that would make even Google's employees line up for a refill. The Keurig-inspired design features convenient flavor pods for a variety of infused beverage options. These can wake up a morning meeting, revitalize a midday financial review, or help your team fuel up for the long stretch before five o'clock strikes.

We also offer environmentally-conscious options for businesses looking to go green. Our newest product, Hoshizaki's MODwater, is a great reason to ditch grimy plastic bottles and jugs in favor of a sustainable break room solution that delivers great-tasting, instant hydration.

Innovative hydration stations are the real reason for water cooler gossip. Keep your office community talking with beverage solutions that carry teams to success.

Water bottles in a cooler

Bottled Water, Sparkling Water, Any Water At All

If your office is more the grab-and-go type, Perks has you taken care of there as well. From that fancy sparkling water everyone's been Instagramming lately to simple bottled water to vitamin-infused water, we've got all your bases covered.

There's truly a great-tasting, hassle-free hydration option for every member of your office. If you're feeling extra fancy, we can even brand your water with your company's logo.

The Keurig of Water

Sure, regular water is cool, but designer water is better. We have machines that, with a K-cup-like pod, can create any type and flavor of water you can imagine. Create the hydration station of your dreams that will leave your employees wowed.


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