Conversation = Collaboration = A Productive Culture

Today's break room is the new place where employees meet up, discuss and collaborate.  You can't mandate that kind of interaction; you have to invite it to grow.

Rethinking the break room and the message it conveys

  • Is a signal to your talent that you encourage creativity,
  • Creates a new work space that invites teamwork,

Allows employees to take a break, step back and reset their brain without having to step away.

Be Cool… Invite Good Change

Thinking of building a new break room culture?  Think of it like a homey, open-concept house - the one that is the most popular on the block.  And as everyone knows, the most popular “house” is the one that’s well-stocked!


Remember the culture you're trying to encourage:


Do that in your break room with your drinks, snacks, coffee bar and teas and you'll not only create a popular destination, but a kick-ass culture across your entire company!

Contact us.  We know how to get this done.

6 Signs You’ve Got This Break Room Culture Thing Right

  • Excessive Noise

    Too many employees whistle while they work.  It sounds like a bird sanctuary in the workplace.

  • Everyone's “Buddy-Buddy”

    Respect and working together is suddenly the norm.  The downside?  You can’t gossip about anyone.

  • Fewer Empty Desks

    Employees who feel like they are important and a part of a team call in “sick” (to go to the game) less frequently.

  • A Challenging Status Quo

    With the freedom to move around and a place to go, creative juices start flowing with new ideas and things get done.

  • Stayin’ Put

    Employees feel greater satisfaction with their job - and that lessens turnover.  (Fewer pesky interviews are in store.)

  • The Billboard Effect

    Employees become a walking billboard for new talent and new customers.   “Happy” suddenly becomes contagious.


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