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Illuminating Coffee

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The Office Culture

If your office break room is a snooze, then it’s safe to say that your employee engagement probably is, too.  In this case, you may want to rethink things.  Today’s break room is the place where employees meet up, discuss and collaborate.  You can’t mandate that kind of interaction; you have to invite it.

Companies We Work With

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About Us

Hands on.  It doesn’t mean we climbed the mountain to pick the beans.  But our coffee-heads have always known everything “coffee” - and today we’ve grown to offer everything “break room”.  If you get to know our story, you might just want to get to know us.

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If the hand-me-down coffee pot you still have from college looks like an upgrade compared to the break room machine, it’s time for some new equipment.  Low-energy, self-sanitizing, water filtration, leak detection, automatic inventory collection, multiple payment functions… we have it all.  Perks & Provisions carries the largest selection of beverage and food equipment with the latest technology to keep your employees happy, your energy costs low and everything working perfectly.

The Big Problem

Employee attraction and retention has become a major dilemma for many companies.  Today, it is the job hunter’s marketplace, where openings go begging and top talent is in short supply.  This means that your best employees may jump ship for more attractive offers, and new employees can be even more choosey.  But money isn’t necessarily what drives employee movement…

Healthy Options

Is your senior project manager a gluten and lactose free vegan stretched thin for choices?  Perks & Provisions offers a wide variety of healthy options that consider an array of dietary needs and restrictions.  This way, your employees will spend more time enjoying their lunch - rather than searching to find one that works for them.

Local & Craft Coffee

Do you want the best baristas and shops in town all to yourself? We work hard to make that possible. Enjoy the best blends from our locally roasted and nationally distributed selection of small-batch artisanal roasters.

Artisan Coffees

We take great pleasure in offering small-batch, artisan roasted coffees from around the country and the world. We put great effort toward presenting specialty and regional roasts you won’t find with any other provider – the brands your people will thank you for!


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