A Healthier Workplace Starts in the Breakroom

Happy Employee Breakroom

More and more companies are prioritizing employee health and wellness with proactive initiatives to get their team moving, eating better, and feeling fabulous. In fact, studies show that workplace wellness initiatives increase productivity and boost overall employee happiness, leading to improved job satisfaction and long term retention of key members. Prioritizing health may even help companies reduce their health care costs at a staggering average of $3.72 for each dollar invested.

Make every dollar and every day count by implementing simple health-focused breakroom ideas to keep your team running at their best.

Hydrate and Conquer

Leave the soda machines in 1980 where they belong. The modern workplace is about creating a thriving, healthy office culture that employees will actually want to be a part of. That includes encouraging good habits like staying hydrated throughout your busy workday. Providing a “watering hole” in the breakroom is a great way to keep your team alert and focused. It also cuts down on plastic usage.

When it’s time to energize, tea and coffee are a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks. Turn your breakroom into a mini cafe where staff can congregate, connect, and share ideas. After all, caffeine is the ultimate source of inspiration.

Snack Well

A company cannot run on chips and candy alone. Stock your breakroom with fresh fruits, veggie cups, yogurt, and oatmeal. There’s no need to compromise on a nutritious breakfast in favor of stale donuts. Providing healthy food options promotes employee happiness and cuts down on midday lunch runs in favor of convenience and efficiency. It’s a must in today’s fast-paced business sphere. Revolutionize the way your office does snacks with wholesome treats to get you through that next meeting.

Also, consider installing a self-service micro market in your breakroom. Tiny yet efficient, these mini grocery stores offer a wide range of healthy food and beverage options with the feel of a small traveler’s cafe. These boring breakroom savers are affordable and efficient. They can be installed in less than three weeks, and they offer the perfect solution for small businesses looking to save on space without compromising employee health and wellness.

Promote Positivity

Workplace culture isn’t all about the snacks. Feed your team with a steady diet of positivity. Employee engagement helps people feel connected and motivated. In fact, in companies where employees experienced a lack of engagement and negative work culture, teams suffered 37% higher absenteeism, 49% more accidents, and 60% more errors and defects. Reverse those trends by focusing on wellness.

The breakroom is the perfect place to promote collaboration, communication, and fun. Everyone needs a little stress relief throughout their day. Host weekly games such as “Word of the Week” and whiteboard scrabble. Encourage monthly “Lunch and Learn” meetings in the style of popular Ted Talks. Get creative with some friendly competition for best socks of the week and funniest pun.

Best of all, happy employees become a walking billboard for how fantastic your company is!

Fitness Focused

Encourage your crew to get moving during breaks with step challenges and office exercise initiatives. This can foster a fit and fun workplace. Designate a yoga space in the breakroom or, if space allows, try to install a mini gym. Ping pong tables, pool, and air hockey are great ways to fight the desk job drain, keep people active, and foster a positive team-building environment.

Everyone wins when companies prioritize health first!

Ready for a breakroom makeover? From maintenance to installation, we’re here to help our Texas business clients thrive with dynamic health and wellness solutions. Contact our experts to get started!