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We’ve all been there:  you make your way to the counter to pop in your favorite k-cup and… there aren’t any left.  You send a mass email - the intern scrambles to order - only to have to wait a week for delivery.  Never spend a week without coffee again.  Perks offers pot brewed, single serve, and fresh ground (for the coffee snob in everyone).


Micro Markets

This is why your employees will come to work:  fresh food, ultimate choices, meals, snacks, drinks and sides… the only thing missing is the wait staff.  Our high-quality options are so popular, everyone will think they’re at a 5-Star restaurant - or at least a swank hipster one.



If you are looking for that inexpensive perk your employees will boast to their friends about, consider a pantry!  Companies can pay the whole shot, subsidize the employee cost, or simply make pantries a thing.  Give your office a unique start-up feel without the start-up costs - it’s less expensive than you think.



Swipe. Touch. Scan your iris - just kidding, we’re not that advanced (yet).  But we are pass the days of “kicking the thing to make the chips fall.”  At Perks, we offer a modern selection of machines to make consumption as quick and accessible for various payments as it should be, without you having to straighten out a dollar bill on the edge of the machine for five minutes


Ice & Water

Like avocados and Instagram, water is on trend.  LaCroix, Perrier, purified local tap - Perks delivers on the basic substance necessary to survive - enough to fill all of the bathtubs in Texas every day (although, you may not want to drink that).   We’ve even got the ice to keep it cold, and can supply filters for the pickiest of water connoisseurs.

Already have a break room vendor?

That’s ok.  We know that changing vendors for some companies can be a big hassle.  We also know, however, that not every vendor can supply everything you want… things like:

  • healthy options
  • sandwiches and wraps,
  • fruit, or
  • the latest in coffees.

Perks and Provisions will gladly supply you with the things your current vendor isn’t able to.

Talk to us about what’s missing from your break room.  We’ll help you expand beyond the bland!


Questions, Orders, Demos? You can ask us anything from right here!


Phone: 888-669-7375
1601 Valwood Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75006


Perks & Provisions

Providing flexible and unique solutions, timely and unobtrusive service and the latest in foods and drinks while using green and technological advances to provide you with value and efficiency.