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Serving Texas Since 2004


Perks & Provisions offers everything you need - and everything you didn’t know you needed - to cultivate the perfect office culture.

Your breakroom should be the envy of your employees’ friends that work elsewhere, and an incubator for ideas, brainstorms, and long lasting professional relationships.  Let’s go over a few things you’ll need to get started with that:



Coffee to an office is like oil to an engine - if you don’t have it, you’re not going anywhere.  Don’t get left behind due to your employees snoozing because your coffee stock is low.



Supply an ease of mind with a break room stocked with a seemingly endless supply of tea.  Perfect for when your employees need to wind down a bit after meeting a dozen deadlines.



Perks & Provisions takes coffee very, very seriously - and coffee is 98% water, so we know water. Enjoy water in every way it’s meant to be consumed - straight from the filter or your company’s branded water bottles.


Cold Drinks

Cool drinks keep the creative juices bubbling… There’s cold brews and soft drinks for that extra kick after the 2 o’clock slump, or an array of juices - pressed and all natural.


Creams, Sugars, & Syrups

The flavor is all the fun.  And you can have however much - or little - as you’d like.  We don’t judge.


Snacks & Food

From healthy nuts and oats to “cheat day” cookies and pastries, your employees will have their hands (and stomachs) full.  Forgot your favorite snack bars at home?  No problem - it’s right across the office.


Green Products

Increase your consumption without the guilt of increasing your carbon footprint. We provide environmentally conscious plates, utensils, paper products, and more.


Cleaning Supplies

You always need to clean up after the party, so why not let Perks stock the not-so-fun stuff, too?

Ready to take a break from the daily grind?  Want to see what real coffee tastes like?

Schedule a demo!  We’ll come to your office with all sorts of coffees for as many co-workers as you want to invite.

Questions, Orders, Demos? You can ask us anything from right here!


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Perks & Provisions

Providing flexible and unique solutions, timely and unobtrusive service and the latest in foods and drinks while using green and technological advances to provide you with value and efficiency.