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Snack Vending Equipment

Provision your team. Perk up your clients. All in one place. With us.

What if you could stop the almost daily distractions from unhappy vending machine users and focus on your job? What if a live person was available to assist you with issues? What if your team actually had the snacks and treats they want and not what the vending company wants to give them? Perks makes all this happen. Give us an opportunity to prove it to your company?

Perks only uses clean, professionally maintained, modern snack vending equipment and with an assortment to choose from we are sure to have the machine and the service to keep your team & clients happy and you focused on your business.

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The employee who goes outside of the office for coffee is gone for an average of 14 minutes. One study shows that in a company of 50 employees, on the average, this may amount to $16,939 dollars of productive time lost per year. Can you afford not to offer ?
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