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Pure Water Equipment

Water - The basic break beverage. Perks provides the service & equipment to deliver the best value and taste in cold, pure water.

Pure water is healthy, refreshing and perfect for making the best coffee, teas and other beverages available from us. Get a good start with a great water filtration and dispensing system from Perks & Provisions.

Below are example models of "bottle-less" water coolers, also known as Point-of-Use (POU) coolers we provide. Bottle-less water coolers have a built in filtration system capable of filtering the building water in much the same way a water bottling plant would, and we would know we actually have a water bottling plant. A few of the benefits of going "bottle-less" are:

  • Save Money. Point-of-Use coolers offer the same quality water as bottled coolers for much less.
  • No delivers to account for.
  • No bottles to store and lift.
  • No bottle deposits to pay for.
  • Point-of-Use coolers are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles.

If bottled is the way your office would like to go we can handle that as well. Please call a new sales representative at (214) 841 - 4703 to get information.

We carry the following Point-of-Use systems, one of which is sure to meet your needs and budget:

Timely rotation of the filters in any Point-of-Use water cooler system is critical for the best tasting and safest water. If your office uses POU filtration systems make sure the water company is dating the installation of all filters so you can monitor the amount of usable life left on each filter.
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