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Ice Making Equipment

Whether the drink is hot, cool or ice cold, Perks and Provisions can supply it for your office.

A breakroom ice machine in combination with one of our brewing equipment options can provide pure water, iced tea and even iced coffees and cappuccinos. Especially popular with employees who must spend part of their day out in the DFW heat, iced drinks cool, refresh and revive the thirsty soul in a way nothing else can.

Perks offers icemakers designed to fit every size breakroom and suit a wide variety of ice making capacity demands. As with all breakroom equipment we provide Perks provides professional installation of all ice making equipment, as well as all preventative maintenance, including water filteration devices for ice makers.

Below are a few representative ice makers, but as a dealer we have a much larger selection available. Please contact us (888) NOW - PERKS (669 - 7375) to discuss your particular ice making needs.

Timely rotation of the filters in any Point-of-Use water cooler system is critical for the best tasting and safest water. If your office uses POU filtration systems make sure the water company is dating the installation of all filters so you can monitor the amount of usable life left on each filter.
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