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Cold Beverage Equipment

Perks & Provisions. Our cold beverages tell your employees and customers you value them.

In addition to all the great cold drink products we carry to stock your breakroom refrigerator Perks also carries some equipment designed specifically to offer your team and guests cold drink refreshment.

We carry the True series of quality beverage coolers. These glass door refrigeration units are perfect for self-serve applications in your breakroom, or in cafeteria style environments. Our True brand cold beverage equipment comes in a number of sizes designed to fit all spaces and needs. They are most commonly used by our clients who want to offer complimentary cold drinks to staff in much the same way most offices offer complimentary coffee. They can also be used upscale waiting room or client area where vending machines might seem inappropriate.

Curtis Commercial Tea Makers are a very cost effective way to offer a refreshing cold drink in the summer months. Tea brewers work in much the same way as office coffee makers so any employee can quickly learn the operation and your dedicated Perks Client Specialist will make sure you are always appropriately stocked with tea to brew. Everything's easier in the breakroom with Perks.

When grinding whole coffee beans be sure to use a burr grinder. Burr grinders produce a very evenly ground coffee, while a blade style grinder will produce very uneven coffee grounds and often times will heat & burn the coffee during grinding. All Perks fresh ground coffee equipment use Burr grinders.
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