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Coffee Equipment

Provision your team. Perk your clients. All in one place. With us.

What kind of team do you have?

What kind of clients?

Perks & Provisions has three ways to serve your office a great cup of coffee and each method has its own benefits.

Coffee as Expression - Does your team like variety in their coffee? When a group sends out for coffee, does each person select something different? Do some of your team like teas and specialty latte drinks, hot chocolate or mocha? Consider single cup coffee equipment alternatives for your creative crew. These provide the most flexibility at the least cost. Single cup coffee choices also tend to impress clients and prospects the most.

Coffee as Experience - Does your team arrive in the morning carrying their own cup of coffee? Do they love the aroma of coffee and value its freshness? Do they frequently make new coffee rather than drink what's left in the pot? Consider fresh ground coffee equipment alternatives for your discriminating cartel. It doesn't get any fresher than this.

Coffee as Fuel - Does your team drink coffee morning, noon and night, regardless of the kind you offer? Do you always see a cup on your team's desks, and do you see them drink down the dregs before refilling the cup? You have a team of warriors and they need fuel. Take them away from their traditionally brewed coffee at your peril.

A Perks Tip - Wasted Productive Time
The employee who goes outside of the office for coffee is gone for an average of 14 minutes. One study shows that in a company of 50 employees, on the average, this may amount to $16,939 dollars of productive time lost per year. Can you afford not to offer Perks coffee service?
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