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Breakroom Equipment

Perks & Provisions - your one stop breakroom shop.

At Perks, we provide equipment to bring efficiency and fun to your breakroom. Currently, our most popular equipment includes:

Bulk Cereal Dispensers

For employees who didn't have time to fix breakfast, or are in need of a mid-day snack, you can provide an inexpensive pick-me-up: great tasting & healthy cereal.

Popcorn Carts

One of our cheapest and easiest ways to turn the average breakroom into a "best places to work" breakroom. Popcorn Carts are also available for special events, such as, conferences, meetings, monthly birthday celebration days.

Both our Bulk Cereal Dispenser and Popcorn Cart programs work in much the same way as the coffee service you already have. Perks provides you with the equipment and keeps you stocked with the products all you'll need, like cereal, milk, pocorn, butter, etc. With Perks on your side, managing the company breakroom is easy.

Subsidising the price of healthy snack items, such as a fruit bar is a great way to help employees make a better eating choice & reward them for their dedication.
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